8 Highly Profitable Agricultural Businesses to invest in Nigeria this 2018

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Meanwhile, here are some lists of AgriBusinesses you may invest your cash this 2018.

Remember that Nigerian government currently support and encourages citizens to invest in Agricultural Businesses, it is an opportunity for anyone to go into the business as the atmosphere is now very conducive for everyone to invest in.

Another reason why you have to consider investing into Agricultural businesses in Nigeria this 2018 is because, Nigeria has a massive population of over 180 Million people, more populous than several African countries put together.

The entire population of Nigeria depends on staple foods produced from people’s farms for their daily meals and sustenance. Do not forget that millions of Nigerians buy their foods produced from people’s farms from the market on daily bases.
So, if you are looking for a business to go in this year 2018, I will suggest you consider investing in any of these highly profitable Agricultural businesses.


1. Plantain Plantation

Number one on my list is Plantain Plantation. This is on my list because; you do not need to keep planting it every season. Once you plant it, it will keep springing out new ones. In other words, you plant it once and it will keep producing and yielding suckers for you without replanting every season or yearly.

This is unlike other crops like beans, yam, cassava etc. that requires you to go through planting every year. Again, plantain is highly consumed in Nigeria, it is a food well loved by all. Everyone eats plantain whether old or young, sick or healthy. So for this, Nigeria is a huge market for plantain farmers considering the high population.

Plantain is also very high in demand in Nigeria all year round. People consume it in different ways; they fry, roast, boil it for food. Investors looking for where to pump their cash into should think towards investing in plantain farming.

This is highly lucrative and widely consumed food in Nigeria. You can also process harvested plantain into flour or dry it and export it to other countries. Anyhow you want to twist it; there is so much wealth untapped in plantain farming in Nigeria.

2. Palm tree plantation.

This is the second on my list because of its economic viability. Palm tree is one tree that never has a waste. There is no part of the tree that is a waste. Every part of it yields money for the farmer- from palm kennel to palm oil etc.

Secondly, you can invest in planting the species that mature within few years so as to start making your money as fast as possible. So, if you have enough land for farming this 2018, consider planting palm trees, you’ll start making your money by 2019 if you do not want get rich quick business.


3. Rice Farming

It is no longer news that Nigeria is one of the world’s highest Rice consumption countries. Rice is by far one of the most popular staple foods among Nigerians; it is eating at least once in every three days in every family in Nigeria.

If you live in Rice producing states like Ebonyi, Anambra, Enugu and other northern states, nothing stops you from investing in this business this year 2018.

If you are not living in any of the states that can produce rice, nothing still stops you from investing too, after all, with money all things are possible. If you have your cash, you can farm from any part of the country with little or no stress.

Considering rice farming is a good investment you’ll never regret if you play your card very well. Get into the state that is already known for rice farming, go to the ministry of Agric, make your inquiries about rice farming and take it from there.

Whether you produce in large or small scale, there is always a market for you as buyers are standby waiting for you to bring out your farm produce. Interested in rice farming, no amount of capital is small for you to start with. The most important thing in going into any business is determination.


4. Cassava Plantation

The fourth on my list is Cassava Plantation. Cassava as we already know is highly consumed in Nigeria especially in the eastern part of the country. It is used for making fufu, abacha, tapioca, garri, starch etc.

This food is highly popular and well consumed in Nigeria. The introduction of the high yield species of Cassava has made it possible for Nigerian cassava farmers to produce more Cassava per plot.

Nearly every land in Nigeria is good for growing Cassava and 1 Acre, when properly planted and managed can produce thousands of Naira worth of Cassava in a year! Recently, there are some cassava species that can be harvested within six months. This means that you can plant twice in a year.

All you need is to cut the stems and replant them as you harvest. If you are looking for a good business to do, invest in cassava plantation. You don’t need to own acres of land before you can plant cassava. You can rent empty lands from some communities that are ready to rent land to farmers at very affordable prices.

During the harvesting periods, you can process your cassava into garri, starch etc and sell to ready buyers. There is so much money in cassava farming. If you have money, invest in this business. In the next few weeks, I’ll publish a post on cassava-garri processing and how you can make good money from this business.

5. Poultry Farming

This is on my fifth list because of its market demands. Everyone knows how ‘Cash spinning this business is if well managed, it doesn’t need much introduction and yet it’s still not fully tapped. What we currently have are few badly managed, scantily equipped poultry farms here and there.

I don’t think there are full fledged high tech poultry farms in Nigeria. What we see around are locally analogue poultry farms with people who have little or no knowledge of poultry farming. If a serious entrepreneur is able to invest huge money into this business and manage it well, such person’s family may never be poor again.

The only problem with many Nigerian youths is that majority do not want to involve in hard work. Many wish to work in an air conditioned office and prefer to collect peanuts as salaries every month. With the level of demands for meet and eggs, this business is a goldmine.

It is still not saturated, many people still need to invest in this business because, eggs and meets are still imported into the country from other countries. This is fifth on my list because, it is a great business and you can start with small capital to grow it into a bigger business.


6. Beans Farming

Beans made 6th position on my list because of how demanding it has become and in recent time, its price has almost tripled. A penta of beans rose from 700 naira to 1,700 just within two years. A bag of Beans costs twice more than a bag of Rice and garri.

The Northern Nigerians are making it big in Beans Farming, supplying almost all over Nigeria and beyond. But news has it that the same Beans planted in the northern part of Nigeria can also do very well in other regions of the country’s soils.

So why not experiment on this info? If you live in the northern part of Nigeria, you do not need to experiment, simply invest in the planting but if you are not living in the northern part of Nigeria, you may have to experiment before investing your money.


7. Maize Farming

Maize is well consumed in Nigeria. In fact, its season is one of my favourite as I enjoy the roasted ones. Every part of major streets in Nigerian cities and towns are people roasting corn/ maize.

You never know the profit in Maize Farming in Nigeria until you go into it, and one thing I like about it is that everything happens fast. It takes less than Four months between planting and harvesting, so you do not have to wait for so long to start making profits from your hard labour.


8. Catfish Farming

Catfish Farming is on my 8th Catfish Business is really hyping in Nigeria right now but how many are really getting it right? Get it right and you’re in money. A single Catfish sells for N1500 in Restaurants and about N700 in open market.

The good thing is that it breads in millions of fingerlings. You don’t even need to start with millions of naira; you can start with a very small capital and grow this business. Soon, I will teach you how to start catfish farming from the comfort of your home at a very cheap price.

The present Nigerian Government is seriously turning its attention to promoting Agriculture/ farming business in Nigeria to help boost food productions in the country and minimize foods importation. The government is willing to assist anyone who is interested in farming with the necessary supports and logistics.

Nigerians have very high purchasing power, far more than any other indigenous Africans — Nigerians are ready to pay as long as you have the products and they are of quality. No matter how poor people are, they must kill two or three chickens during yuletide season.

Do you need more ideas for Starting a Business at Home with little or no Money

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with a desire to start a successful business, then this is your starting point. Click here to see lists of business you can do from home. We cover everything from entrepreneurship training, financing a business, feasibility study research, business plan writing, etc. We also provide the best small business advice, tips and success stories of people who have succeeded with our little advises.


100+ Top Small Business ideas for Beginners in 2018

If you are not interested in AgriBusinesses, there are hundreds of other small businesses you can start and grow with. The most important thing is for you to decide that you really want to own a business, then choose from our lists of small businesses to assist you get started.

1. Laundry ServicesLaundry services are one of the most lucrative businesses one can go into in Nigeria this 2018. Imagine the number of corporate workers in your area who do not have time to wash and iron their cloths. It is a service based business that guarantees you cash and will ensure your pocket will never ever run dry if you acquire the skills and know the tricks involved.

2. Sewing/ Tailoring Services: It is also a beautiful experience becoming your own boss this 2018. And not to be under someone who’ll be directing and dictating your moves and controlling you in the name of paying you salary that may not be enough for you to pay your bills monthly.

3. Beads Making: this is no doubt a very profitable business this 2018 due to its high demand for fashion ladies in major cities of the world. Beads making is a good skill anyone can acquire with little or no difficulty. It doesn’t require you to rent a big or small office apartment; it can be done from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to search for experts in beads making and register with them to teach you the skills.

4. Become a freelance writer: So, if you love to writer and would like to make a career of it, i have some great news for you! You can become a successful freelance writer in just a short period of time. Freelance work is certainly the way of today. It has benefits for everyone involved. The good truth is that you must not be an English man to become a successful freelance writer.

5. Become a Blogger and Earn Money: Blogging in recent times have become a very lucrative means of making money online. Majority are truly making thousands of dollars monthly while others do not make any penny from blogging too. But if your aim for starting a blog is to make money, chances are that you’ll make it this 2018 if you work hard.

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So when deciding what business to start, make sure you do your preliminary feasibility study, ensure you have some personal savings too before starting any business. Do not borrow from bank or cooperatives as it may not be too easy paying back. Remember that very business needs time to grow before yielding money. We are here to assist you, simply use the contact us form.

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